Informatie over het bedrijf

  It all started in 1987 and never got away. For me it's all about friendship, passion and having a good time.  

Jacques Chantrain - Honorary President

Sandra Leenaerts - Vice President

 For me, the Vespa adventure started in 2011, when my husband bought a Vespa and I became his passenger. Thas was quite fun, but the fun increased dramatically when I bought my own Vespa. There, in that moment, I got infected with a bad case of Vespa fever! For me, my Vespa quickly became a symbol of freedom, meeting new people and exploring new horizons... Or, as the Italians call it: la dolce vita.  

Jan Dumez - Secretary

  For me driving Vespa’s started in 1991 as a passion that never left me. Important values for me are friends, fun and exploring new horizons.  

Dimitri Seidoff - Treasurer

   Active at the Vespa club since1985 !  Active roll nice, ride vespa ! 

Angelo Gaudino - Webmaster